COVID-19 Reminders!

1) The COVID-19 screening form must be filled out by every player, coach, manager or team official coming to a game. It must be done by 5pm on the day of the game. Failure to fill out the form will result in not being permitted entrance to the building. 

2) Masks must be worn in the lobby and as you travel to and from your game. 

3) There are designated entrances and exits for each field. Please follow all singage. 

4) Locker rooms and water fountains are not available. Please come dressed for your game. 

5) The building opens 5 min before your kick off and closes 10 min after kick off. If you are more than 10 min late you will not be allowed in. 

6) Game sheets will be created by the league and provided when you enter the building. The names on the game sheet will be only those who have completed the screening form. 

7) Game balls will be provided by the league. 

8) Games are 45 min striaght. No halftime or switching ends.