Outdoor Division Descriptions

Outdoor Division Descriptions


The MSWSL is divided up into multiple levels of play; AA, A & B.  Currently our A and B levels will be multi divisional based on quantity of teams registered each season. 

AA / Championship -- Designed to act as a developmental division for Senior AAA and as a stepping stone for players moving from Youth to Senior soccer, this division falls within the current competitive stream of play.  This division is played on All-Weather Turf.  

A Division -- Broken down in to three subdivisions based on standings, with relegations and promotions at the end of seasons.  This division is played on All-Weather Turf. .

   Jones Division – the top division consists of teams at the top of the standings , these teams tend to be made up of players who have previous experience playing     soccer at a high level ( ie Tier 1 youth, varsity, premier women, provincial). Teams in this division may be on the more competitive end of the league spectrum.  Teams in this division usually represent the league at SNS provincial championships.

   Dewolfe Division – the middle division of the league, this division consists of players who have previous playing experience at varying levels (those similar to Jones teams as well as teir II  youth/high school). Dewolfe division teams may be on the more recreational side of Competitive, while still being competitive.

   Ritchie Division – the Bottom division of our league consists of teams on the more recreational end of the league spectrum.  Players/ teams with less experience / less desire to play the highly competitive games will play in this division.

B -- This is a recreational division, with varying levels of skill, as a place for those players who wish to stay involved without being in the competitive structure, to continue playing soccer for life.  This division is played on grass fields.