Accel Physiotherapy Fair Play Cup

The MSWSL is very excited to announce a continued partnership with ACCEL Physiotherapy & Sport Performance Centre for sponsorship of the League's  fair play cup, titled the ACCEL Physio Fair Play Cup.  Since it's inauguration in the summer of 2012, the ACCEL Physiotherapy & Sports Performance Centre have generously agreed to provide funding for prizes for the winners as well as the players recognized as fair play team players by you, the participants.  The ACCEL Physio Fair Play Cup will not only extend the season for teams looking for additional playing time through August, but will both promote and recognize teams and players for supporting the League's underpinning principles of fair play and sporting competition — principles shared by the ACCEL Centre.   

As we all know, injuries are often a by-product of high performance soccer. Effective intervention for such injuries often includes physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy.

The ACCEL Centre is an integrated sports injury and rehabilitation facility that is unique to Atlantic Canada. Along with physiotherapy, other professional services include: chiropractic, massage therapy, sport specific strength and conditioning, sport medicine, orthotics, orthopaedic bracing, and mental performance and sport nutrition consultation.

The benefits to MSWSL players seeking care at the ACCEL Centre include:

-       access to physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy within 24 hours of calling for an appointment; and
-       extended clinic hours that include both early morning and evening treatments.

To provide even more health promotional opportunities, the ACCEL Centre will offer the following product discounts to MSWSL members:

-       10% off 60 minute (1 hour) massage therapy sessions;
-       10% off sport therapy products (excluding bracing); and

I encourage you all to take advantage of the Centre's excellent services.  When contacting the ACCEL Centre, they ask that you please inform the front desk staff that you are a MSWSL player.  The ACCEL Centre is also open to all new clients such as family and friends. The ACCEL Centre can be reached at 446-4004 and has two amazing locations, 3711 Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax and 137 Venture Run in Dartmouth.  Please visit their website for further information about their services and staff.