Policy - Referee reimbursements

A. Referees are entitled to claim payment from the league for a game in the following situations:

Note: in the event on inclement weather Every effort will be made to cancel your game on GL before kickoff, but it will not always be possible.  Check the facility website before leaving for your game.  for building closure. Check for league cancellations. Please note if NSSL cancels games due to weather this does NOT mean the MSWSL is also cancelled.

1. The game is cancelled and the referee was not given at least 24hrs notice.

2. The referee shows up at a  scheduled game and one or both teams are not present or able to play.

3. Teams do not submit payment at the field

4. Where a facility is open and the League has not cancelled a game and a team chooses not to attend due to weather conditions,   

5.  If the soccer facility is closed or the League cancels games for weather reasons  referees will not be paid.  

B. Claiming a game

1. To submit a claim referees must fill out the form available on the league website in the electronic documents section. also available on referee tab on SNS website 

2. Claim must be received by email - within 14 days of the date of the game being claimed.

3. Claims not received within 14 days will not be processed.