New Team Registration

New teams

All teams applying for membership to the League must submit annually $100.00, no later than March 1 with the prescribed application document for team registration. This fee is non-refundable and shall be applied to each team’s registration fees. 

for 2021 deadline is March 31st  2021 Team Registraion Form

New teams can apply for membership (in accordance with Rule 2.1) which shall be granted upon approval and acceptance of the application for team registration by the League’s existing membership.

New teams, when applying for membership, must submit a list of 14 names of players that will be on that team, their birth dates and the team they played on in the prior season. 

New teams accepted to the league will enter the Ritchie Division; however, a new team may apply for an exception to this rule and enter at a higher division (DeWolfe or Jones) upon approval of the membership

New teams applying for B level will automatically be placed in that division