Scoring the game

Scoring game


Score Reporting 

Step 1: To report your score, from the start screen when you log into your team page click “home games” or “away games”.  


If you are already logged in, you can click “start screen” from your green toolbar navigation.



Step 2:  Enter the score for the game and click “save”.



Stats Reporting 


Step 1: Log into your team page and click team page.


Step 2:  On the schedule, click the “vs” or the score if already entered.



Step 3: Click the “edit match stats/events” for the team you need to enter stats for.


Step 4:  Update any jersey numbers and fill out any disciplinary cards that were received.

Step 5: To record goals and/or assists, you will see a dropdown to select from among your players for each goal that was recorded when you entered the score in Step 2: