11.1 Only regular League games may be rescheduled.

11.2 Teams may be permitted to reschedule games if all of the following conditions are met:

  • a) the non-requesting team agrees to the reschedule;
  • b) the requesting team pays any required rescheduling fee;
  • c) the League schedulers are able to find an alternate date, time and field for the game;
  • d) both teams agree to a date, time and field from the available options provided by the League schedulers.

11.3 Any reschedule must take place within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled game, and if it cannot be rescheduled in this time-period, the requesting team must either:

  • a) play the game as originally scheduled; or
  • b) accept a forfeit of the game.

11.4 Once a game is rescheduled, it is considered to be part of the League’s schedule and may only be rescheduled in accordance with this rule, except thatthe 2-week deadline from the original game still applies.