Resetting my password

Resetting my password


Click the “click here” link to retrieve your PIN to log in if you don’t have one or don’t remember.  NOTE: This pin is different from the password used to access your household account.

Enter the email associated with your Demosphere account and click “Submit”.  Note: The email should be the same email used when registering with your club or the email you provided to the club when requesting they add you to the team roster.

The system will verify you are listed as a team contact and you will receive the following confirmation message.  Click “Return to Log In”.  Note: If the email you entered DOES NOT match the email on file with the club, you will receive a message indicating the user is not found and you need to contact your club to verify the email on file.

You will be sent the pin needed to log into your team page via email.  The email will be from


Enter your email and the pin you received via email:

Once you log in, you will be brought to your team start page.