New Laws of the Game

When the 2020 season starts, there will be changes to the Laws of the Game.

New Laws of the Game

Many of the Law changes for 2019/20 reflect solutions to ‘problem areas’ raised by all parts of the soccer family.

In accordance with the requirements of The IFAB that potential Law changes should be considered within the structure of the play fair! initiative, all chance for the 2019/20 fall into at least one of the initiative’s three focus areas:

The IFAB has prepared some very helpful material to help us prepare for the 2020 season:

Summary of Main Law Changes

Changes of the Laws and Clarifications

A MUST see for all referees, coaches and players: 

Presentation of all changes to the Laws & clarifications. incl. video examples

Presentation of all changes to the Laws & Clarifications. incl. video examples (pdf version)